Thursday, August 13, 2009


hello! it's been a while...this is just a quick post to catch you up guys with what's happenin' in our lives...

well to start off...couple of days ago marks our 11th month of blissfull togetherness...(if theres really such words) hehe... well, nothing exciting or fancy monthsary date though... but definitely the sweetest and oh-so-juicy monthsary night ever!LOL! come-on get your dirty mind working coz it was...whatever you think it was...haha!!

anyway, sweetie and I will be heading to Manila this coming weekend to spend a week with my family..yay!! so happy... my nieces kept on asking when i will be comin' home and is their Tito Rhyan comin''s a surprise LOL!! or maybe not... :P

back to monthsary month will be our 1st year anniversary... no plans yet... but i would like to make it very special for both of us...hmmm.......

that's all for now...

hope to be back real soon!


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kami lang to! (yhan & yette) parehong mahilig sa music, movie buffs, couch potatoes, mahilig kumain, sweet, mahiyain,ganun lang...nagkakilala kami sa mundo kung saan ndi mo inaasahan na makatagpo ang taong mamamahalin mo at patuloy na mamahalin habang buhay...naks!!!

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